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PurpleDotts -Online Point of Sale
for All Retail & Warehouse Owners - Monitor your Shop Sales, Stock & Profits from Anywhere Anytime
--Stop them from Stealing your Money and Collapsing your Business
-Use PurpleDotts
bullet Do you have a Shop, Shops or Warehouses???
bullet Is it so difficult Tracking your Sales, Stock and Profits???
bullet Are you busy and cannot go to all your Shops everyday???
bullet Are your Shops in different Locations, Cities or Countries???
bullet How sure are you that your Sales Girls/Boys declare all Sales and Stock???
bullet Do you Suspect your Sales Girls/Boys are Stealing your Money & Products???

Worry No More --Use PurpleDotts from Anywhere Anytime to Monitor your Shops Sales, Stock and Profits
PurpleDotts Features & Benefits
bullet Ability to connect into your Shop from any Internet connection Anywhere so your Sales Girls/Boys cannot steal your money
bullet Ability to see and monitor your Daily SALES Everyday at Anytime and from Anywhere
bullet Ability to see and monitor your Daily remaining STOCK Everyday at Anytime and from Anywhere
bullet Ability to see and monitor your actual PROFITS Everyday at Anytime and from Anywhere
bullet Ability to compare Sales paid by Sales Girls into your bank account with Sales from the system and question any differences detected
bullet Ability to Setup Multiple Cashiers in each Shop
bullet Ability to Setup Multiple Accounts for all your Shops in different locations and monitor all from one Master Account
bullet Do not need to Setup any special Software in your Shop. Just connect to the Internet and put in your password and you can start selling
bullet Ability to detect fraud and stealing by Sales Girls/Boys very early to stop it
bullet Very Simple to use -not much computer skills required


We don't just sell a Software to you and Walk away- ;
bullet We Provide the PurpleDotts software to you for free
bullet We setup your Shops on PurpleDotts for free
bullet We Support and Work directly with you all the time to Help you Protect your Shops and Investments
bullet We Provide independent physical Stock-Taking as often as you request so you can investigate any differences and losses immediately
bullet No Initial and Setup Fee Required
bullet Pay easy monthly fee starting at GHC40 (US$20)
bullet Get Free Software Updates and Enhancements all year round

We give you the freedom to take care of your other Work, Family, Education, Travel, Other Businesses, Health, etc.
----while PurpleDotts Protects your Shops

Stop Sales Girls/Boys from Stealing your Money and Collapsing your Shops -use PurpleDotts

Have your Peace of Mind -Grow your Shops and your Profits -use PurpleDotts

Start Using PurpleDotts Today


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